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About Amanda-

Born and raised in beautiful California. I am earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Brooks Institute of Photography at the end of 2012. I specialize in, and am passionate about, photographing weddings and portraits.

I have a strong belief in fate, and something tells me my decision to make a hobby my profession had something to do with that. I realized I made the right choice when I started having frequent dreams about shooting the perfect weddings, and from the pure giddiness I’d experience during and after every photo shoot.

Canon is who I am, but I never judge a photographer based on their gear of choice, because it’s not about the camera; it’s the photographer behind it. My unique style and fun approach to classical photography is what sets me apart as a wedding and portrait photographer.

Music is another of my most favorite things, and I’m practically listening from the time I wake up until bedtime. Try asking me my favorite kinds of music and you’ll be in for a longer answer than you probably wanted. It can get me through almost anything. (I might even be able to withstand the lines at the DMV with an Ipod in my arsenal.)

Sunset is my absolute favorite time to shoot; I truly believe there is something magical about it.

I am a hopeless romantic, and I absolutely love seeing others in love.

I honestly believe I could shoot a wedding or portrait session every day of my life and never be bored with photography. I simply become more and more inspired; no two clients or weddings are ever the same, and that’s what I love most about what I do. I also strongly feel that I will never get over the shock that I get to make a living doing what I LOVE. It's hard to call it work.

Getting to know so many different people and being able to capture their inner self through photographs is the most beautiful aspect of photography. I have had clients cry tears of joy after seeing their photos I’ve taken, and I honestly can’t think of a more gratifying feeling in the world.

Photography is more than figuring out exposures and lighting; it’s about capturing important moments in life that can never be recreated, and to be able to hold on to and relive those memories for a lifetime.

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